Graphic-A-Day#6 – Driver, please stop the bus!

I had a discussion with some EdTech teachers about the idea that has been put forward by a number of administrator types who are suggesting that in order for education for change and meet the 21st century challenges, we need to get the ‘right people’ on the bus. So todays graphic is about that.

I don’t think the ‘bus’ is an appropriate metaphor at all.

They are notoriously late when you actually need them to be timely. They are over crowded or virtually empty. Their prescribed route is repeated, regardless of traffic conditions. The occupants rarely interact. Some commutors have to stand while others recline. Everyone is passive, their only choice being when to get off the bus. They are also far too small, so often never bother to stop to collect their passengers.

If we must use a mechanised metaphor, then I’d rather ride the bullet train. It’s fast, comfortable, well designed and efficient. But then I like trains, maybe we should just be asking people about what kind of journey they are going on instead. In my experience – its the people you meet that make the difference as a teacher and learner. You can’t do that if you the last one on the night bus.