Animal Farm 2.1 How To Enter a Project

This is the entry video I made for the launch of the Animal Farm / Creative Writing Project.

The images in here are going to be the ‘graphic’ content that the students will include in their 8000 word ‘books’ in about 2 weeks time. Why bother making a video? – because we reinforce the idea of drama and context. A few students will watch it several times, and many more will ask questions. It is a visual aid from which we can talk about creative writing.

It provides boundaries – and presents opportunities to discuss ideas.

We don’t simply introduce a projects as ‘you have to read Animal Farm then write 1000 word creative writing task’. When we open the project – we give them just a small part of the overall task.

The ending text tells them how they have to write 8000 words in one day – the first thing they are going to ask ‘how am I going to do that!’ – which means the ignition light is on to learning.