Why get connected?

I was thinking after to talking to my 7 year old about Maths today.

He doesn’t seem to be ‘into’ his teacher – which is a bit of an issue when you are an Aspi kid.

He’s into Maths which I find more strange than being as Aspi-kid, but them who am I to talk.

Anyway, it stuck me that as he gets further into Maths, then I’ll be even less help than I am now. He then said, isn’t your friend in Montana a Maths teacher? He can show me?. He’s right I thought! As he gets older – then I really want him to connect with people who can help him learn. What do I care if they are not in his school.

Maybe being in this timezone will work to his advantage.

He’s already figured out Skype, so this really wouldn’t be that hard – as he really likes technology (well blowing stuff up on a computer) – which is far less confrunting to him than his teacher (who yells – not at him, just yells) or at thats at least what he thinks, which is all that matters.

How much will this grow in the future I thought. When he’s trying to figure out some English thing, he can ask Konrad.  He can get Will Richardson to Skype in on his 21G iPhone (not Telstra) and set the teacher straight after failing a test he just Googled instead of remembered.

It’s not exactly home school,  but connectavist-school.

Then I start to think that this is a very real thing in the future. Kids can be connected to teachers after school – maybe not their teachers in their timezone – but teachers never the less. If I teach him about wierdos and nutters online, then he’s going to soon hook into other networks … then my brain melted.

Wow, amazing how much your kids teach you about the future.

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