Shakespeare’s Second Life

A quick flip-video of students working collaboratively to design and build their ‘sets’ for their current Machinima project, based on modern interpretation of a Shakespeare play. Students also document their design and build here in a blogging community. For teachers who are generally interested in using MUVEs and Video Games in Education you might want to check the educator Ning group here. I’m in the last phase of our intranet being moved to a virtual world, so the kids are going to be the architects and engineers. They have had 1 hour a week this year in Teen Second Life – but at least it is on the time table and in the curriculum!

One thought on “Shakespeare’s Second Life

  1. Fantastic…I hope our students will be able to meet in Teen Second Life…What does a teacher have to do to get started there…or should I simply wait for you to get open sim working…watching that student work and present from second life was so cool…

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