Secret Life of Google Jockeys

One of the great advantages of not having a Nazi filter is that you get to watch the students doing what they do. This is a clip that I hope will illustrate to teachers who are still asking questions that kids can ‘Google’ in an ICT classroom – think about the knowledge transfer that actually happens. Heres what this kid did in 15 minutes (speeded up) – how much of his own typing did he add – what are the places he went to? – but hey, he got the job done huh.

ICT needs to be used in ways in which this activity is no longer a viable method of learning!

One of the things I am aiming to do right now is to try and think of ways in which projects can run so that we are more able to notice this kind of behaviour. I think that many students have done this for so long – often by default rather than design – that to them – it is a normal activity.

Designing better methods for ICT use – must include the ability for it to ‘unearth’ these habits of mind. We need to expose (to the students and staff) that students may well demonstrate ‘mastery’ skills in using applications – but the gap between skimming information – and applied knowledge is alarming.

2 thoughts on “Secret Life of Google Jockeys

  1. Whether they cut and paste using a computer or their brains — if they aren’t asked to think, they are just barfing up information rather than adding to their store of knowledge.

    Love your work! : )

  2. I would love to tell you how I feel about this but I can’t simply find the words to paste.

    You are ace – but you already knew that!

    This reminds me of a school I visited the other day: a library lesson, students at computers (presumably this was the ‘lab’) all with Word documents open.

    I wish teachers would raise the bar more often – the brain is a surprisingly capable organ – and now, now, before you all get on your high horses I include myself here – this is a timely reminder. You know.. teachers can be fallible!

    Anyway, as I see it, once league tables are introduced, the ones who have their kids doing this stuff are going to be the ones who will luck out. Maybe it should be called Kevin’s anti-cut ‘n paste list…?

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