Hey Ofsted – leave them teachers alone!

“You are not reaching the standards you should in English, mathematics and science, and this means you are not well prepared for your future adult lives. Some of the teaching you receive is too slow and you spend too much time listening to the teacher instead of practising the skills you are learning, through exciting, purposeful activities.”

According to a recent report in the UK’s Independent newspaper, Ofsted inspectors are sending this in writing to students as young as four. The article claimed,

they may fail in adult life because their teachers are not up to scratch.

Wow, perhaps the system is now so populated by politics, pundits, auditors, ‘consultants’ and policy makers that the underfunded, underpaid teachers have their hands tied. It’s hard not to chalk and talk if that’s all you’ve got to work with!

I worked at a school in the same area with massive socio-economic problems, generational unemployment, behaviour, attendance issues etc., I learned so much from the staff at that school! – as they really were doing amazing things given the ‘stuffed’ system they were drowning in!

I also had the pleasure of being Ofsted-ed. Rubbish like this makes me even more in awe of UK teachers that are trying so hard to shift the system. We’ve got it easy!