Kids say the funniest things

Students were asked to make a short clip to show at school assembly – ‘what is PBL all about’. The end product demonstrates a little more ‘edge’ than I’d have expected. Not sure what the non PBL staff will make of it.

3 thoughts on “Kids say the funniest things

  1. No Jeff, QA is Inquiry based learning. There is a scaffold and a definite desired destination over a number of planned steps. QA is awesome IMO, and a cousin of Project Based Learning, but not the same. I don;t wanna hear about Montana! Say Hi to Joanie and the kids!

  2. This rocks – both because it sums up why PBL is so awesome, and because it is well designed, written and edited. Punchy or what!?! 😉 Pass on my congrats! 😉

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