Teach and Learn

Konrad’s awesome presentation at NECC this morning was made all the better with Judy streaming his slideshow into Jokaydai and Will Richardson helping out with the Ustream.

Konrad is part of the Jokaydia Community in Second Life and a great mentor in Second Classroom, and has a great insight as to the use of community blogging in school.

His presentation will appear shortly on his blog. It’s amazing to get together with people who jump onto so many vectors for delivering, what is, a connected community message.

Konrad’s presentation was an affirmation that what is happening in our school classrooms is exactly what Im facilitating with EduTech with our teachers. Re-showing this in professional development will give staff a clear context for what the teacher (not me) are doing with our students in Study Groups – In The Wild (Year 12 HSC Advanced English) and the about to start Year 9 PBL project that we created during the New Tech symposium and workshops.

The power of peer to peer authentic learning to me is exactly what a group blog promotes. It removes the artificial ‘teacher lead’ discourse and promotes independent critical literacies. I only wish I could articulate what were doing as well as Konrad.

The room was packed out, people on the floor and lining the walls. It was truly an amazing experience. Thanks to Alan Upton, Judy O’Connell and Will Richardson for the amazing Mac-Tech broadcasting team!