I miss you too!

One thing that absolutely SUCKS about NECC is being so far way from my kids. My son however has figured out Skype. I’ve never showed him how it works, he’s obviously seen me use it around the house. I missed his first steps because I was at work, missed the first word, but I’ve caught his first IMs. As cool as NECC is, I miss the kids. After listening to Konrad today … the scary reality is that as he’s a first grader … then he may well be copying stuff of a board and doing all the stuff that teachers do … he can figure it out! Whats the teachers excuse?.

One thought on “I miss you too!

  1. Maybe your kids could teach my kids to skype…and my son could help your son get some lumins, he already has 7…

    Skype is an excellent way to stay connected to family when you are away from home…many people (teachers included) believe that Skype and IM services are all full of stalkers

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