On 13th April 2008, a bunch of teachers got together and discussed the need to begin a debate with our communities about a range of issues facing 21st century teaching and learning. Not to blame or point the finger, but to begin a global conversation around the shift away from the read only internet, to one in which teachers and students are now reading and writing. The consensus of opinion is that the structures in place in most schools, governing bodies and legalities do not adequately address the read/write web that students are already engaged in (MySpace, Bebo, YouTube et al).

Initial debate via Illuminate session, was the working title “Advocacy for Global Digital Citizenship” – or at least I think it was, there were so many ideas from so many people!

The issue:

As teachers and educators, there is conflict between the skills students will use in their immediate future, teacher desire to deliver using these skills for learning and the rhetoric of the media, politicians and other pundits about 21st Century Learning.

Just what is it we are talking about?

One the one hand, 21st century learning is celebrated as the ‘future’ yet on the other, participation by learners conflicts with existing duty of care, given the discourse around child-internet-safety.

This is NOT an official group, nor is this an official LOGO. However, in these early days, perhaps this logo might serve a stop gap graphic purpose, should anyone else feel these issues are important and want to use it as part of their own conversations within their immediate educational environment.

It is a conversation that has to happen – globally.

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