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Something I looked at then went back to a while ago. Then along came Mr Motivator, Alexander Hayes who has set up a very cool group. So I downloaded the Diigo toolbar and have not looked back. I must say that Twitter, which is now the backbone of my PNL has made Diigo that much more relevant to me. You can, if so inclined, send me a direct message on Twitter @deangroom.

A brief summary of Diigo.

Think Delicous meets Facebook (less the spam). You can happily go about your business of tagging the web – but – with Diigo you can actually highlight specific parts of the text on the page that interested you. You can then add a post it note type comment.

But, the real power lies in the ability for Diigo to become a community. Now you can save your bookmark to a group who share a common interest (some form of EduTech in my case). Now your bookmark and comment are that much more important. You can share comments on bookmarks with your group! I am sure that I’ll find more uses for it as the months roll by.

Join the Diigo Project Based Learning Group

For those who are interested in Project Based Learning – for which I believe we are the only AU High School running this type of learning – connected to a Classroom 2.0 environment. Our school is modelling (and adapting the Napa Foundation ‘style’) with teachers currenly heading to the US for in-school in-service.

I just had to start a Diigo Group. Please feel free to join and ask questions. We hope to share our experiences with other PBL schools. There are 4 ICT teachers at our school involved in PBL and a range of other KLA staffers – so if you’re thinking about PBL, then join the group.

3 thoughts on “Project Based Learning Diigo Group

  1. Great. Glad that you found Diigo useful.

    Love to learn more about your project based learning project! Please drop me a note!

    Welcome to the Diigo community!



  2. Hi Dean,
    I’ve been a Diigo holdout (too attached to my account), but you’ve convinced me to join up. Thanks for starting this new community around PBL. Hope you continue posting about your work with New Tech. I’ll be curious to see how the model translates to your school.

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