More Homemade TV

My current obsession is with School TV. All started with a Cog Dog Tweet, and has grown. Just ordered some more lighting rigs for my converted TV classroom to go with the blue screen set up we did when we rebuild a few classrooms for Project Based Learning. A new professional backdrop rig should help too.

Running a semi-pro DV camera direct into a Mac (tapes are too slow and JVC Hard Drive recorders are a pain). So straight to disc is the way to go.

So now the room works, has bags of light, and good sound acoustics. Some messing about with has been a success, and almost time to get some kids involved with some beta testing.

Then I found a free teleprompter, which works really well (though I think I need a 24″ iMac in there now to do the job).  It works really well, and kids can cut and paste their work off their blog. (Another pet-project of mine – the elimination of Flash Drives – which seem to get lost all the time).

Hoping to get some video shot on Thursday … now need to find someone else to collaborate with …

What (big) kid doesn’t want their own TV station!