Ustream Bench Test

Once again, Alan posted a tweet that I just had to sticky beak. It linked to UStream and I fiddled about with it this weekend (in between the lawn mowing). After hiding the laptop in the cubby house and using it to stream live action for Kiddy HQ in the back yard to the mower depot at the front, I got bored. As I do.

So I grabbed a copy of CamTwist for OSX and decided to broadcast some footage. Got bored with that even sooner. Next step was to do a screencast (I used iShowYou and ScreenFlow). That streamed well enough too.

What I have been looking for is a way of broadcasting either live (to a non traditional classroom layout with 50 kids in it), or to provide a URL for them to go and watch it themselves. I get tired of YouTube and its crappy quality and tight upload limits, and I don’t trust TeacherTube not to eat my homework – as it’s done twice now. So UStream seems like a cool option. I don’t have the $$$ to grab WireCast yet – but this is first step stuff.

I like Ustream. It is quick, simple and works really well on a Mac. It does make the MacBookPro reach 200 degrees. But I see a wide number of applications in school for using it. I am amazed that teachers often share classes but not intsructional materials. We have some 16 teachers working in Project Based Learning, only a handful are computing teachers … so I’ve been looking for a solution I can show them – I always like to show not just ‘talk’ about it – where they can allow the tech savvy teachers to prepare 10 minute bursts of information and share with all 160 kids.

I can also see us using it live for assessment tasks, to include the wider Marist community in events we hold – possibly that parents just cannot attend – and certainly in professional development – when limited staff can attend.

For example : not all staff attended formal PBL training in the states this year. Perhaps next time, we can stream the learning live back to Australia, and people can participate.

Search for PMHS. The embedded auto player drove me nuts!