SL NSWLearnscope Meet#3

A massive thanks to Jo, Sean and crew for todays meet in the Gong. The time, thought and effort that went into it was M A S S I V E. Despite a few little wi-fi issues (anyone who says wi-fi for large scale implementation is a good idea has rocks in their head), there were some pretty inspiring comments and discussion in and out of world as to what could be done with SL in education.

Not so much why. Those that ask why are the next generation of those who asked ‘why have the internet’ in the early 90s. SL smells like the future, it has the hallmarks of a new frontier and so if you don’t get in now … better go install wi-fi.

Heres Sean’s keynote – sorry for the chop up edit, it was a iSight flick and the sound is a bit crappy, but its pure gold.

More on this day to come …


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