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I’ve given my VET class a project to the end of term. A hybrid PBL/Web2.0 briefing.

“Given that the majority of businesses use some form of ‘network’, then IT VET students need to show potential employers that they know what one is and how to make one” … if you can’t do that then you’re not much use!

So rather than do the usual thing, I now have 2 groups of students working on a video presentation to demonstrate that they can indeed meet the challenge.

I started with a board-driven lesson (which freaked them out as I rarely use a board). They blurted out all kinds of jargon that they associated with networks, most of it was way off target. The idea was to identify what they knew (or rather thought they knew) and what they need to learn. Much of what they knew – they agreed – was a little dubious.

Then I’ve given them a PBL worksheet  They were horrified at the prospect of writing and it was 13 pages! – A 13 page project report – was I mad? – in fact if you download it, you see it’s just boxes and easy to fill out.

What became clear was that they are not used to such long documents and had little idea what to do with it. Reading from page 1 to 13 seemed a tedious prospect. But after much moaning, they have finally settled down to do the task until the end of term.

The only problem to me is that I can’t ‘see’ what they are up to. So I’ve knocked up a set of PBL worksheets – based on the paper sheets I gave them. It’s a mash-up. I think that this system will allow some ‘structure’ and online accountability.

As the project grows (or dies), I’ll share what is happening – figured it was about time I did more VET Learnscope stuff … so here it is.

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  1. Dean,

    This looks great. I had a look at the PBL worksheet, and you are right – comprehensive yet pretty accessible. I can’t wait to see how the students approach this one …


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