84 … 94 … 04 … 14

I found this on a site … it’s a 1994 clip I edited down from a BBC show. In ’94, the boom of the micro computer had grown to the point where people had ‘real’ computers doing ‘real’ things. It was all the rage to have a modem and connect your computer to other computers. It is interesting to hear in this clip, how the journalist begins to describe this new thing called ‘the information superhighway’ … and even more so, the demonstration that is presented and a magic piece of TV where she shows you the BBC’s brand new ‘bulletin board’. In fact the first BBC website in an ‘official’ guise.

What is more interesting is the time it took to go from Apple’s first Mac and the first GUI to this. A whole decade. And in ’94 it seems that there was a possbility that ordinary people might one day get access to this ‘internet’ – all be via a suburb 14.4k modem.

Compare that the growth in the following decade – the rise of the ‘read me’ internet … followed by the rise of ‘social networking’ and Web2.0. How much faster we adopted these technologies.

Why emerse kids in SL, Web2.0 et al, because if we don’t they will no catch the next wave. Where will ‘they’ be in 2014, which to some kids will be the beginning of their tertiary education … we can’t afford to stuff about debating ‘will we? should we?’ we should have already done it!

Teachers have to be knowledge workers, because our kids will be … if your heads in the sand then you’re doing them no favours. Join us nOObs, it’s all good. Go blog something today.

Click here to watch the clip!