The mainstay of the internet is interactive productivity. This means people are no longer represented in the media by celebrities and journalists, there are more people self directing and self mediating than simply reading.

Significantly these people have acquired sufficient language to use complex channels to discover and sustain a distributed dialogic.

I firmly believe that certain technologies appear or fade with tremendous serendipity. Great ideas die, and hopeless ones get picked up. It isn’t until time passes that we can go back and make sense of them. For example, modernism actually contained plenty of things that post modernists at the time said they lacked. With hind sight, not rethinking faculties before thinking technology was a missed opportunity for schools.

When Minecraft appeared, it was at the right time for its new significant user base. It spread like wildfire among kids … not because another games are boring, but in the remediation of play, sufficient kids could now self meditate, discover and share its benefits and joy, which kids even four or five years earlier couldn’t do because the time want right.

She won’t get off minecraft because she now represents herself. She has reach, audience, imagination and no desire to use media in the literal ways her parents and older siblings did. I find it depressing that in school minecraft projects, teachers hold special in game powers and use it toward literal goals. They have missed the point and opportunity to learn so much about children.

Minecraft isn’t just a better game, it appeared at certain time when where a generation needed something to emancipated itself from the adult media panic about the evils of online.

Minecraft, if you like was a remediation of Woodstock for teens, it just uses different media which appeals to them, and is immediately accessible.  In a hyperbole whet kids have no power, Minecraft gave kids power, which is lot more than an escape from reality, it has taught them how to represent themselves and the real world using multi modal media.

It’s as authentic and important to her, and the innovation of lithography in printing was to baby boomers. The fact teachers and parents don’t see it like this yet they themselves use the internet to the same ends is because parents and kids find it hard to find a common language, which leads to so much frustration.

Parents have learned the language of Facebook, googling and cyber juvanoia, but not that of dialogic gaming. Mojang staff have no such handicap. They are more important media celebrities than “brangelina”. They are not representations of “us” but real people “we” can relate to as part of our productive systems.

When parent address this gap, their relationship with children improves (in my view). It gets worse when they don’t.  Sadly, clinicians tend to want to cure an addiction (myth) and ignore the reality that more people use media to self represent than to consume (which is where their assertions began in the nineties). Their views appear increasingly irrelevant in the future of media (more opinion).

And we know what people do when faced with that …. assist journalistic media panic to scare the reading public.

(Tapped on the train)

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