Before parents read this week’s outrageous media panic about minecraft turning their kids into fat, aggressive school drop outs … write this on the kitchen fridge.

“There is no consistent evidentiary basis to show video games are bad for the health and welfare of children”.

One reason for this is a persistent realist assumption that linear use (time spent) is a valid measure. It’s the basis of the body of psychologist arguments and experiments who believe it … and has been spurious ever since it first appeared in the late nineties. But games not being bad doesn’t make sensational headlines.

Too much time playing games makes Jon a lazy, meth head who failed school and now worship guns. They will charge you the price of a new Toyota to brainwash you into believing it, but won’t cure it (cure what?) Or remove a parents natural anxiety over the effects of media.

Just read the fridge. It’s way cheaper and will lead to feeling less scared.

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