The idea that a kid or parent can measure the amount of minecraft played to declare it educational or addictive is spurious.

In actual fact, useful for parenting is the knowledge that from the age of about six, kids are making complex relationships between minecraft and the real world, taking narratives and literacies from playing it into the real world.

Like the other myth, debunked by numerous researchers that “TV is passive entertainment”, these media reports serve one higher goal.

They use minecraft to perpetuate moral panic. In Australia, you have to consider those who control the media, present us with an opinion of what you and I might consider a modern family is. The more interesting response to these reports is whether or not you consider their views on what you and I should do and think to be achronistic, and why they should want us to agree to return to the fifties nuclear family.

There is no measure of minecraft (time spent) that would be useful in determining attention deficit, long term aggression or academic brilliance. The fact kids might play minecraft for an hour a day in school does not make that teacher or school better/worse than one which doesn’t. At home a kid who plays ten hours on a weekend isn’t more addicted than one who plays for twenty minutes.

Anyone measuring good/bad minecraft using time, will merely drive themselves insane. Media reports know this, thus is why they “write” them. They are still rubbish and untrue.

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